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  • Mondays Zumba @7pm

  • Tuesday’s Bootcamp @7pm

  • Wednesday’s Zumba @7pm

  • Thursday’s Burlesque @7pm

  • Saturday’s Zumba @11am

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The Secret

The Secret to healing from injury.

Why do we recommend this for you?

Our philosophy of empowering our clients dictates the type and method of Pilates we teach. We believe in giving our members a practical skill that they can take with them to use anywhere, rather then relying on specialised equipment and all the restrictions it brings.

Mat Pilates is the skill we want to teach you at Empower Dance and Fitness Studio. Whether it's for rehabilitation from injury or just to regain a level of fitness you enjoyed in years gone by, this could be the perfect program for you.

Pilates is a gentle and very functional fitness method that translates directly into better posture and efficient movement in your everyday life. It supports simple activities like walking, bending, stretching, climbing and twisting, as well as a greater range of athletic movement for the limbs found in most sports.

You can achieve a lot in each five week course. As we previously stated:

  • You will learn a skill that you can practice anytime, anywhere.
  • Build a level of core strength that will allow you to participate in a more active lifestyle.
  • Enjoy the confidence that naturally comes with regaining physical health.
  • You might even want to join one of our other fun-filled activity classes.

Mat Pilates Beginners Course.

You'll learn all of the base movement techniques in Pilates mat classes including: Neutral spine, a properly engaged core, c-curve, shoulder and pelvic stability, spinal articulation, full breathing, working with oppositional energy - all are integral to Pilates mat work.

This may sound difficult but on the contrary they are a set of deceptively easy exercises. If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of our classes or a particular condition, tell us about it on the card below or give us a call and we can discuss it with you.

Our instructors are certified by the: Pilates Institute.

Pilates Performance.

Pilates Method Alliance.


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